About me

It's me!

I’m working as a Professional Scrum Master and Senior Software Engineer for the CSS Insurance in Lucerne, Switzerland and as an Instructor at the TEKO, a technical collage in Olten, Switzerland.

I’m also the founder and organizer of the monthly Hackergarten in Lucerne, Switzerland. We meet every first Thursday in a month to contribute to open source projects, to learn something new and to meet new people.

Last but not least I’m also the creator and project lead of SportChef, an open source project with the vision to create a management software for sports events of sports clubs build on leading edge technology.

In my spare time I like going hiking in the Swiss Alps and riding my loved Brompton folding bike. You can find me online at my website and follow me on Twitter. For business contacts I use LinkedIn, Facebook is only for my family and friends. I’m not sure how I should use my Google+ account.

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